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BookLingual is specially designed to take your child’s current understanding of Spanish and build to the next level. Many children grow up reaching the 1st or 2nd level or fluency – but they are missing out on the full bilingual edge. BookLingual takes your child to the next level and adds in the literacy component, which will help to set your child apart.

Levels of Fluency

Books included in this Complete Kids Bilingual Reading Set:

Who are BookLingual Books Best For?

Below are real children who read and learn with BookLingual. Our books are specially designed for ages 2-8.

Audrey, age 4

Audrey’s parents do not have any background in Spanish. For Audrey, Spanish is a completely new experience. Her mom, Amanda, uses BookLingual books at bedtime as a way to introduce her to a new language.

Hazel, age 6

Hazel’s mom is an English speaker and her dad is of Latin descent. Autumn, her mom, likes how BookLingual books give Hazel extra support, along with the Spanish classes she is already taking at school.

Elias, age 2.5

Elias’ dad is of Latin descent, and knows some Spanish; while his mom is monolingual (English only). Alex, his dad loves to use BookLingual books as a way to teach his son Spanish words; and finds that they have helped add to his vocabulary in both languages. The books are used at bedtime and for fun.

Julian, age 6

Julian’s mom, Michelle, is fully bilingual in English & Spanish. She has her son Julian read BookLingual books as a way to improve his reading abilities in both languages; as well as increase his immersion in the Spanish language.

“The booklingual digital books really captured my toddler’s attention. He loved the bright illustrations and couldn’t wait to get to the next page.”

-Alex Alvarado, father of 2.5 year old Elias

“These books are absolutely amazing! My 6 year old begs to get on my smart tablet everyday just to read them. She loves learning the Spanish words and seems to keep improving day by day. These books are a great addition to both kids and parents that are in the process of becoming bilingual”

-Autumn Nelson, mother of 6 year old Hazel

BookLingual: Complete Spanish for Kids

BookLingual: Complete Spanish for Kids

Parent's GuideParent’s Guide
Super-Quick Guide to SpanishSuper-Quick Guide to Spanish
Sample Page from Book - Come to the Zoo!Sample Page from Book – Come to the Zoo!
Games Page from Book - What Do I Hear?Games Page from Book – What Do I Hear?

What’s included?

  • 32 Complete BookLingual eBooks
    • 12 Level 1 Books (Pre-Reading/Basic)
    • 12 Level 2 Books (Beginner Reader)
    • 8 Level 3 Books (Individual Reader)
  • 32 Learning Games & Extras
    • Included at the end of every book
  • Parent’s Guide
    • To get started, help you coach your child
  • Super-Quick Guide to Spanish
    • Excellent overview of important concepts
  • All books come in both .epub and .pdf formats

How Do I Read BookLingual Books?

BookLingual books come in both .epub and .pdf formats which can be read on any device.

We know BookLingual works. Time to find out for yourself

Here are 2 Free Books for you to try (and they are yours to keep, no joke!)

Bilingual Benny Likes Too Much

Can You Guess What I Am?

5 Must Dos for Teaching Your Child Spanish

“My kids have really enjoyed reading the BookLingual digital books, they have such a great time, they get into the stories, and they can really relate to them. They love trying to pronounce all of the Spanish words and it keeps them engaged for hours. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone.”

–Amanda, mother of Audrey & Addison (6 yr, 2 yr)

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