Here are 5 Books to Get Your Child started on Mastering Reading
(in English & Spanish!)

Can You Guess What I am?

Can You Guess
What I Am?

A terrifically-fun guessing game style book, which kids get into. The book is perfect for toddlers to interact with and learn body parts. Reading age children love guessing the animal and finding out the answer. Tons of fun and learning!

Teaches: Body parts, animals, and the concept of questions in Spanish

Benny’s In the Dark

In the Dark

Everyone’s favorite crazy koala is at it again; but wait, this time he is scared of the dark! Find out what makes him jump out of bed, ready to fight, and what makes him cry for his mommy.

Teaches: Bedtime vocabulary, new verbs, and grammatical situations

Bilingual Benny Likes Too Much

Bilingual Benny
Likes Too Much

Everyone’s favorite curious (and kind of crazy) koala is at it again. Learn all about what Benny likes; and even more about what he dislikes. Find out why he dislikes his mommy, and what happens when he gets fed up with doing chores….

Teaches: Common Verbs, Nouns, and Likes/Dislikes

Come to the Zoo!

Come to the Zoo!

Boy and his annoying little sister go to the zoo with mommy; and are in for some (hidden) surprises….Who lost the red balloon? Why is there is a lazy penguin? Young readers will enjoy seeing their favorite animals; along with other hidden gems.

Teaches: Zoo animals, adjectives, forming simple sentences

Which Weather is That?

Which Weather
is That?

See if you can guess…which weather is that? I fun book which not only teaches young readers about different types of weather, but includes some very interesting fun facts!

Teaches: Weather, Temperature, Adjectives, and Fun Facts

Develop a Bilingual Reader

Develop a Bilingual Reader

A very simple, but powerful guide that will tell you exactly how to help your child master reading in both languages (and reach total fluency).

Written by Michael Hodge, founder of BookLingual

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Why would we just give away free books? We know that our books and program will help your child make massive gains in reading speed and comprehension (in both languages). If you like the first couple of books, we would hope you would go ahead and purchase more books. We actually have over 30 books specially designed to help your child make progress in reading and language (plus they’re fun). That’s the reason!

Also, we work in partnership with hundreds of school districts and educational agencies across the country. It is our goal to equip dual-language students with the tools to succeed.

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