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Dear Parents, My name is Michael Hodge, the author of the Bilingual Benny series. I am about to visit your child’s elementary school (or just visited depending on when you read this), for a special author visit program. In my presentation, I highlight the importance of kindness, the power of being bilingual, and how readers become leaders in life. To continue their growth, I highly recommend purchasing my fun (and educational) books. You’ll notice that they are specially designed to help children improve reading comprehension while learning Spanish. After paying below via credit card, you will instantly receive a “pick up receipt” which you child will bring to school to get the books. I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting Bilingual Benny – and your child’s education! 🙂 -Michael

What are the Books Like?


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Simple, Color-Coded Sentences

Specially designed for rapid language learning.

Read-Aloud Audio

So you can hear and pronounce the words.

Learning Games + Activities

Make sure the new words “stick with you.”

Kids learn so much because new vocabulary and grammar structures are used in the context of a compelling story line. Kids can hear the Spanish sentences spoken by a native speaker.” -Kali C., Dual Language Teacher

Sample a Few Books

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Benny’s In the Dark

 Read-Aloud Audio Edition. A level 2 book. 

Come to the Zoo!

 Read-Aloud Audio eBook. A Level 1 book. 

Which Weather is That?

 PDF Edition. A level 3 book. 

I had been searching for books for my kids in dual immersion Spanish when I came across these gems. Michael Hodge’s Bilingual Benny books fit the bill perfectly. I love the way the story is in Spanish and English, and the words are color coordinated so that you can see which words mean the same thing.” -DL Mom

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Bilingual Benny Wets His Pants (w/read-aloud audio)

A complete 32 page storybook. Includes read-aloud audio tracks in English and Spanish! Simply scan the QR code on the back cover, or go to special web page to listen to the book read-aloud on your phone, tablet, or computer.  




Individual Beginner Benny Books

Each book is a 32 page paperback. Great beginning level readers with helpful color-coding and games. Click on a book title below to purchase that individual book.

Books Available:


Bilingual Benny 6 Book Set

Written for PreK-2nd grade, this collection of bilingual leveled readers will develop vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills. Each paperback is 32 pages; and includes activities after the story. (English/Spanish).  


  • Bilingual Benny This Christmas is Different (Level 1)
  • Bilingual Benny & The Danger of Colorful Food (Level 1)
  • Bilingual Benny Likes TOO Much (Level 2)
  • Bilingual Benny & The Lost Cat (Level 2)
  • Benny’s In the Dark (level 2)
  • Bilingual Benny Wets His Pants (level 3)




BookLingual Complete Program + 6 Book Set

A must have for any child learning Spanish, or for bilingual reading. Includes all 32 of Michael’s eBooks, and his 6 Bilingual Benny paperback books. Designed for PreK – 2nd graders.  


  • The Bilingual Benny 6 Book Set – Designed for PreK-2nd grade, this collection of bilingual leveled readers will develop vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills. Each books is 32 pages; and includes activities after the story.
  • BookLingual Complete eBook Collection CD (32 eBooks) – A complete bilingual leveled reading collection, with level 1, 2, and 3 books included. Each book focuses on a vocab. theme, grammar, and includes an activity review and talking audio for pronunciation.
  • eBooks Can Be Read on Your Computer, iPad/Tablet, or eReader – by using our app, you can read our eBooks an an iPad, android tablet, Kindle, Nook, or your computer.




Common Questions

When will my child receive their book order?

Immediately after purchasing an item on this page, you will receive an email with a .pdf “pick-up receipt.” Please send the pick-up receipt and completed book order form (the flyer your child brought from school) – with your child to turn in to their teacher. Michael will be personally hand out book orders on the day of his visit for those ordered in advance. If you are purchasing after his visit, your child will get their books the same day they turn in payment.

How will I move the eBooks from the CD to my iPad/tablet/eReader?

We have included a few “How To” videos on the CD for your to follow along with, as well as a written tutorial. Basically, you will insert the CD into your computer, connect your device, download our mobile app, and then drag and drop all eBooks over. This way you can use the eBooks on different devices in your household. You can also read them immediately on a Mac or PC without any setup.

Can I pay by cash or check?

Yes! You will not need to do anything online. Simply fill out the book order form your child brought home, and send it back to school with your cash or check payment. Checks should be made out to “BookLingual.”