How does Your School Pay for the Assembly?

Option 1: Use our “Book Sale Fundraiser” method. About 90% of all schools choose this option. We make it very simple, no hassle or catch.


Step 1: We come and perform our great school assembly at no cost to you.

Step 2: At the end of the presentation, each child will receive a book order form. We will also leave a few boxes of books at the school. Students will be able to come and purchase books for 5 days following the performance. The sale is usually run by a teacher/volunteer/staff member at a table setup during lunch, recess, before, and after school. The table and sale is designed so that it does not disrupt the rhythm of day to day activities.

Step 3: One of our team members returns a week later to pick up any extra books, collect the funds, and write a check for 10% of all sales. This 10% is immediately given to the school!

With the Book Sale Fundraiser, everyone wins! Students experience a wonderful presentation, parents love how our books develop language and literacy, schools love how the assembly has no cost, and we are able to cover our costs and continue on to effect more schools.

Option 2: Pay the flat speaker’s fee of $750 in advance. No need to host a sale or offer books, if you prefer not to.

Invite BookLingual to Your School!

Let’s partner and make it happen. Get ready to see your students motivated, excited, and ready to go after their goals. By contacting us now, we can setup a date for your school assembly. We have limited availability throughout the year. The earlier you schedule a date for your assembly the better.

Most assemblies are on Tuesday or Wednesday, in the morning, around 10 am. But we are flexible with our dates and times.

Call us at 254-768-2922 to schedule your date right now, or email [email protected]

We’ll see you soon!