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Level 3 Parent’s Guide

What is Level 3?

In Level 3, you will see an addition of many new grammatical scenarios. Yes, the level has new vocabulary, but the new grammatical structures and verb tenses are what make this a more “advanced” level. In order to completely understand all conjugations, some side-study will be necessary. But, if your child is at a young age, simple, consistent exposure will add hundreds of new words to their vocabulary.

Champion Goals for Level 3

  1. I continue to use hundreds of new words that I learned from Level 1 and 2.
  2. I can complete all Games with the correct answers in all Level 3 books.
  3. I can read all Level 3 Books, five times each.

Coaching Tips

Reading Age Children (age 4-8)

  • When your child makes a mistake, positively correct this mistake.
  • Read the first part of a book, and then have your child finish the rest. It can be helpful for your child to get associated with the style of the story.
  • Ask thought-provoking questions at this level to encourage critical thinking behaviors. Such as “Why do you think Bears do not live in Africa with the big cats?”, “Why does rain fall from the sky?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?….Ok, well, what will you have to do to become that?”

Pre-Reading Age Children (age 2-4)

  • These books are a bit more advanced. Make sure and keep reading FUN. If you are reading “Big Bad Cats” act like a Lion, have your child show you how a tiger prowls. Your never want your child to see this as a “class” or “learning time.” Actually, your child should think they are having fun with their mom or dad reading a book (and you secretly know the benefits).

Fun Ideas

  • After reading “To the Playground” – go to the playground! Well, as obvious as it is, it will give you and your child immediate practice on new vocabulary. Continue to repeat these new words in Spanish on all future visits to the playground. After several visits, you and your child will have these new words cemented into your mind.
  • After reading “Who Am I?” talk about what Mom and Dad do for a living. This is a great opportunity to explain professions, career goals, money, and college. Ask your child what they want to do when they grow up, and have a nice discussion.
  • After reading “We Share this Planet”, ask your child, “how can you help the world?” Whatever ideas your child tells you, go about doing them that day, or that week. Whether it is starting to recycle, picking up trash outside the house/road, or maybe planting a tree. This is a wonderful opportunity to give your child the spirit of volunteerism and compassion for others.

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