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10 Ways to Teach Your Toddler Spanish

1. By learning it yourself. If you are in the process of learning the Spanish language, there will be so many natural opportunities for teaching your child. If you are studying “kitchen” vocabulary that day, then pass along this knowledge to your toddler. Also this is #1 on the list, because if you are learning

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Raising a Bilingual Child? Here are 6 Outstanding Blogs to Follow for Teaching Your Child Spanish

Let me take you back, to more than three years ago, whenever my wife and I were in awe with our newborn daughter. One of the most pressing thoughts in my mind as a father was, “How are we going to raise our daughter bilingual?” Ok, fine, I admit that it was not as pressing

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Summer Vacations for Learning Spanish (Kids and Families)

Taking a family vacation during the summer is a great American pastime. Where to this year? The mountains, the beach, a river, a city, a theme park? If you are dead-set on immersing your child in Spanish, and doing whatever it takes to get them to fluency, then taking a summer vacation with this in

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Go on an ENGLISH Fast to Take Your Child’s Spanish Fluency to the Next Level

No, an English fast is not some sort of religious requirement, but a wonderful secret trick that I have used many times (while learning Spanish myself). It is very common for bilingual parents to code-switch, and change between both languages throughout the day; or even within a conversation. This, by itself, is not ‘bad’ or

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