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Author Visit Program 


Enrich Your Students & Children with Our Brilliant Bilingual Books

BookLingual was founded with a simple mission – create the world’s best, most useful, and innovative bilingual books. Our books are created with your students in mind – bilingual elementary students, dual language immersion students, ESL students, and children learning Spanish as a foreign language. We do not write monolingual books, we do not take previous books written in English and translate, or write books in an irrelevant version of Spanish, geographically speaking.

Every book is written with many things in mind: to be fun and entertaining, to teach a vocabulary theme, a grammatical theme, and often times, an important moral lesson. Through this unique structure, you can use our books with English native students, and/or Spanish native students successfully. Our teacher sets include student worksheets that delve deeper into helping students grasp the vocabulary, critical thinking, and grammatical structures presented within the story.

There are two ways to get BookLingual books into the hands of your students. One way is to host a One Week Bilingual Book Sale. This is like hosting a mini-book fair tailor made for your dual language students and families – and is also used as a fun-fundraiser for your school. The other option is to simply purchase teacher sets or classroom bundles for your school’s use. Either way – we are committed to helping your students, teachers, faculty and community. We donate 1 book for every 10 purchase through a special community initiative – so that the children who need books the most (but maybe cannot afford them) can also learn with our unique materials.