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Simply click the link above to download your books. These books are in a .pdf format; we recommend reading them on your iPad, tablet, or ereader. To transfer the books from your computer to device – either use your device’s transfer cable or setup the dropbox app on your device. With dropbox, you can simply drag and drop the book .pdf files onto your folder, which will then populate onto your device.

We recommend reading your book in an ereader app, such as iBooks (for iPad/iPhone), Kindle app (for all devices), or Aldiko (for android tablets and phones).

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“These books are absolutely amazing! My 6 year old begs to get on my smart tablet everyday just to read them. She loves learning the Spanish words and seems to keep improving day by day. These books are a great addition to both kids and parents that are in the process of becoming bilingual”

-Autumn Nelson, mother of 6 year old Hazel

Helpful Tips

  • Let your child choose which book they want to read
  • Read the book out loud to your child the first time (in English)
  • Go back and read the book again in English AND Spanish – spend more time on each page, trying to guess and learn together which words mean what.
  • Do the games together at the back of the book
  • Use the words you learned from the book the rest of the day; try to point them out during dinner time, bed time, and whenever you see an opportunity – make it fun!
  • Read the helpful free Guide thoroughly, educating yourself on how to give your child the gift of language is a worthwhile endeavor
  • If you have any questions at any time – email us at [email protected]