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mandiAs a Spanish teacher, I really like these as a teaching tool. (If I didn’t, I wouldn’t plan to use them with my students!)

  • The pictures are engaging and the stories are fun for kids. It’s clear that the intent is to entertain as well as teach. You’d be surprised how many foreign language materials are bland, lack story lines, and are clearly only there to teach specific words. It’s common sense that kids learn better when they are actually interested in the content.
  • Some of the words with more difficult pronunciations have a “pronunciation guide” right there. This is certainly helpful for parents that are learning Spanish along with their children.
  • Certain corresponding words are similarly colored in Spanish and English so children can make the connections between the two. In the past, I have often shied away from bilingual books because many of them confuse students more than teach them. Most beginning Spanish students assume that word order is the same in both languages and make connections between the first word in each sentence, second word in each sentence, etc. By having two words with the same meaning highlighted in the same color, student can make the proper word correlations.
  • The books have patterns that help children learn grammar without it being explicitly taught. For example, I look forward to teaching noun-adjective agreement and word order to my younger elementary students with Come to the Zoo.
  • The books have various ability levels, so your child has the ability to improve throughout the program.

-Mandi, K-8 Spanish Teacher & mother of Lucia

Helpful Tips:

  • Not a Spanish teacher, but want to give your students some basics? Read one of books, one day a week during story time to the kids; or have the class follow along on a projector.
  • Tie the words/vocab. from a book into a memory game, spelling game, or writing drill.
  • Have students try their best to read a book out loud only in the secondary language.
  • Recommend to your parents to purchase the BookLingual books, as a perfect way to get more language immerse ion and to build reading comprehension.
  • Want every student in your class to have a set of books for use? Contact Us about getting a group discount, so that all of your students can have all of our books as a part of your reading curriculum. They can be used on iPad, ereaders, tablets and computers.
  • Contact Us with any suggestions, questions, and feedback – we are currently working on developing an even deeper curriculum and simple tools for teachers to help increase bilingual success in the classroom.