How to Get Started with BookLingual

Welcome to BookLingual! In this super-quick guide, we will show you how to use the BookLingual program.

compatible-devicesStep 1

Decide on what device you want to use for reading our books (iPad, tablet, smartphone, or computer). We recommend using an iPad or android tablet (but any other device will also work). Make sure you have a Flash player or browser with Flash capabilities. Don’t worry, you are not ‘stuck’ with using one device – you can use any device you would like. We are just recommending a tablet, as it is most comfortable for reading with children, or having them read on their own.

step_2Step 2

Open the web browser on whatever device you want to read from. Go to . Upon purchasing a book package, you received a username and password. Enter these credentials and login.

step_3Step 3

Now, time to read a book! From your Dashboard (the page you are sent to after logging in), you will see your books separated by level. Simply touch (or click) on the book cover you would like to read. You are currently reading “in the browser.” Wait a bit (maybe 20 seconds to 1 minute, depending on internet speed) to let the entire book load. You can now read the book. Tap the ‘play’ button on the audio bar in the top left-hand corner to hear the audio for that page (if on a PC, it will play on its own). Read the book, learn, and enjoy!

Common Question: Why is my book taking so long to load? These read-aloud story books are large files, with a lot of content. The first time you open the book, loading will take longer. Afterwards, the book will be stored in your browser’s cache, and will load much quicker furthermore.

step_4Step 4

Read the “Level 1 Parent’s Guide” – which is the first guide to the course. In this quick guide, you will learn how to be the most effective coach and teacher for your child. The guide offers tips and ideas for using your BookLingual books as an effective language tool (and tool for reading development).

Step 5

Set a goal and create a plan! For example, plan to read two BookLingual books to your child every Saturday – and then practice the newly learned vocabulary all week. Or, read a new book every night. Every family is different, but you will always be more successful with consistency.

It’s really pretty simple. Read books, read them again, and again. Talk about the new words, have your child read to you — repetition creates unforgettable knowledge.
We are HERE FOR YOU. If you need anything email us at [email protected], we would love to hear from you.