How to Transfer BookLingual eBooks to an Android Device (smartphone or tablet)

If you own an Android tablet or phone, reading your BookLingual eBooks on your smart device can be great fun as well as convenient. You can read eBooks when you are on the go or when you are relaxing at home and want to keep your little ones engaged.

You can keep your complete set of BookLingual eBooks in your Android smart phone and read them to your kids anytime and anywhere. One of the easiest ways of reading PDFs on Android is by using the Aldiko app. If this app is not already installed on your device, make sure you download it for free from the Google Play Store.

For transferring your eBook PDFs to your Android smart phone, follow these easy steps and get going:

Step 1
Connect your phone to your PC and open the folder of your device’s SD card.

Step 2
Copy your eBook PDF to the desired location in the SD card. When you are done with the file transfer, simply disconnect your device from the PC.

android_2 android_3

Step 3
Run the Aldiko app on your device and tap on the “Files” icon.


You will see a list of all of your files and folders. Look for your BookLingual PDF(s) you just copied.


Step 4
Tap on the PDF you wish to read in Aldiko or select multiple PDFs and then tap on the “Import” option.


Step 5
Now whenever you open the “Shelf View” of your Aldiko app, you will find your imported eBook(s) on the book shelf.




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