How To Transfer BookLingual Books to Kindle or Kindle Fire

If you own a Kindle or Kindle Fire, you must already know how to put a PDF in it. For those who have just bought one of these Amazon devices or planning to buy one, follow these super easy steps to copy your PDF eBooks on either of these devices:

Step 1
Connect your Kindle device to your PC using the USB cable (sold separately for Kindle)








Step 2
Unlock your device’s screen while it is connected. It should mount to your PC and the screen below should display on the computer. A drive named “KINDLE” will now be accessible on your PC. Windows users can look for this drive under “My Computer”. Mac PC users can check on their Desktop. Open your KINDLE drive and copy your BookLingual PDF eBook files in its “Documents” folder.


Step 3
Tap on “Disconnect” on your Kindle device’s screen or simply eject it by clicking on the “Eject Amazon Kindle” or “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on your taskbar.


Step 4
Finally, tap on “Docs” on your Kindle screen. Your copied eBooks should be available in your Kindle device now. Tap on the eBook you wish to read and get going!

kindle_4 kindle_5


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