How to Transfer BookLingual eBooks to Nook or Nook Tablet

If you own a Nook device or a Nook tablet, you can follow a simple process to transfer your BookLingual eBooks to it. Here are the steps:

Step 1
Plug in your Nook device using its USB cable to your PC.


Step 2
Locate Nook drive in “My Computer” (if you are a Windows user) or Desktop (if you are a Mac user).


Step 3
Inside Nook drive, look for the “Documents” folder. Open it and copy your eBook PDFs in it.


Step 4
Unplug your Nook device from your PC.

Step 5
Finally, tap on the “My Library” icon in your Nook device. Select PDFs. You should now be able to view your just added BookLingual eBooks.


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