BookLingual is the Best Introductory Program in the World to Teach Your Child to Read in Spanish

“Audrey loves to read these books. Her Spanish is constantly improving, she is learning new words, and she likes to read now!”

– Amanda and Audrey, 6 yrs old

Your Child will:

  • Learn to Read in Spanish
  • Take their Fluency to the Next Level
  • Improve Reading Comprehension & Speed
  • Have Fun, and Learn to Love Reading!

Take Your Child’s Spanish to the Next Level

BookLingual is specially designed to take your child’s current understanding of Spanish and build it to the next level. Many children grow up reaching the 1st or 2nd level of fluency – but they are missing out on the full bilingual edge. BookLingual takes your child to the next level and adds in the literacy component, which will help to set your child apart.

No Worksheets, Video Games, or boring Textbooks Here

BookLingual teaches language and reading comprehension through fun, entertaining books. These are not meant to become a chore to read, or “homework.” Kids absolutely love the different books, and look forward to reading them; or having a parent read to them out loud.

Specially Designed for Simple, Rapid Learning

Each book is intuitively designed with a specific goal, vocabulary set, grammar pattern, and simple image association. This makes learning as simple as reading a comforting book.

BookLingual: Complete Spanish for Kids

How Do I Read BookLingual Books?

BookLingual books come in HTML5 and .pdf formats which can be read on any device.

Enrich Children with Our Brilliant Bilingual Books

BookLingual was founded with a simple mission – create the world’s best, most useful, and innovative bilingual books. Our books are created with your students in mind – bilingual elementary students, dual language immersion students, ESL students, and children learning Spanish as a foreign language. We do not write monolingual books, and we do not take previous books written in English and merely translate them.

Every book is written with many things in mind: to be fun and entertaining, to teach a vocabulary theme, a grammatical theme, and often times, an important moral lesson. Through this unique structure, you can use our books with English native students, and/or Spanish native students successfully. We also offer teacher sets that include student worksheets that delve deeper into helping students grasp the vocabulary, critical thinking, and grammatical structures presented within the story.