Easily Help Your Child Master Spanish!
(even if you don’t know it)

Use What You Already Know – How to Read

BookLingual is simply designed to help you teach your child Spanish; even if you don’t know it. If your child is before reading age, you will read fun, entertaining stories, while easily understanding the Spanish associated. If your child is of reading age, they will be able to pace ahead, adding new vocabulary, and increasing their Spanish understanding.

No Worksheets, Video Games, or boring Textbooks Here

BookLingual teaches language and reading comprehension through fun, entertaining books. These are not meant to become a chore to read, or “homework.” Kids absolutely love the different books, and look forward to reading them; or having a parent read to them out loud.

Specially Designed for Simple, Rapid Learning

Each book is intuitively designed with a specific goal, vocabulary set, grammar pattern, and simple image association. This makes learning as simple as reading a comforting book.

An Important Piece of the Puzzle

The truth is, fluency in a second language does not come from just one product. No, BookLingual alone will not develop your child to become fully fluent. Fluency is developed by total immersion. Studies have shown that children learn best with an actual teacher. The second best way for kids to learn? Books. And not interactive books or computer games; but good ole fashioned books (even in the eBook form). The static text and image force a child to create cognitive resemblance, memorization, and develop real skill. BookLingual harnesses the power of reading to develop language attainment in a natural way.

“The booklingual series are incredibly entertaining to my children. My toddler could not stop trying to pronounce the words and my 1st grader kept wanting to know what would happen next. These books are fantastic for your children to learn while having fun!”

– Michelle, mother of Jeremy & Julian (7 yr, 4 yr)

“The booklingual digital books really captured my toddler’s attention. He loved the bright illustrations and couldn’t wait to get to the next page.”

– Alex Alvarado, father of 2.5 year old Elias

BookLingual: Complete Spanish for Kids

BookLingual: Complete Spanish for Kids

Parent's GuideParent’s Guide
Super-Quick Guide to SpanishSuper-Quick Guide to Spanish
Sample Page from Book - Come to the Zoo!Sample Page from Book – Come to the Zoo!
Games Page from Book - What Do I Hear?Games Page from Book – What Do I Hear?

What’s included?

  • 32 Complete BookLingual eBooks
    • 12 Level 1 Books (Pre-Reading/Basic)
    • 12 Level 2 Books (Beginner Reader)
    • 8 Level 3 Books (Individual Reader)
  • 32 Learning Games & Extras
    • Included at the end of every book
  • Parent’s Guide
    • To get started, help you coach your child
  • Super-Quick Guide to Spanish
    • Excellent overview of important concepts
  • All books come in both .epub and .pdf formats

Books included in this Complete Kids Bilingual Reading Set:

How Do I Read BookLingual Books?

BookLingual books come in both .epub and .pdf formats which can be read on any device.

What will my Child Learn?

Rather than using worksheets, textbooks, and “intensive language direction”, your child will learn naturally, through reading. Our books are untuitively designed to deliver rapid learning, as well as teach a wide variety of concepts. This program includes our Level 1, 2, and 3 books. At each level, there is an increased difficulty, and addition of Spanish language concepts.

We know BookLingual works. Time to find out for yourself.

Here are 2 Free Books for you to try (and they are yours to keep, no joke!)

Bilingual Benny Likes Too Much

Can You Guess What I Am?

5 Must Dos for Teaching Your Child Spanish

“These books are absolutely amazing! My 6 year old begs to get on my smart tablet everyday just to read them. She loves learning the Spanish words and seems to keep improving day by day. These books are a great addition to both kids and parents that are in the process of becoming bilingual”

– Autumn Nelson, mother of 6 year old Hazel

“My granddaughter and I have enjoyed reading these books together. I have always wanted to learn Spanish, but never really got around to it. This has been a fun way to spend time together – and is actually teaching us both!”

– Jon, grandfather of London (2.5 yr)

Absolutely No Worries with our 200% Total Guarantee

Your Child Will
Make Language Gains

Your Child Will
Enjoy the Books

You Will be Totally
Satisfied with your Experience

Yes. 200%. We know our program produces results, joy, and happy families! If you we do not meet your total satisfaction, we will give you a full refund, plus pay you 100% more just for a taking your time and giving us a try.

This is not a joke. We back up our program and want you to know it.