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Bilingual Benny 5 Book Set with Learning Poster


  • 5 Beginner Spanish level paperback books, teaching:
    • Colors / Food / Emotions
    • Action Verbs / Basic Grammar
    • All words are reviewed in special learning games
  • Perfect for read-aloud to toddlers, or for PreK-3rd grade readers
    • Includes a special “Learn Spanish with Benny” poster
  • A must-have book set for any young Spanish learner


Bilingual Benny is not your average 7-year-old Koala. (if you even know any). He is set on annoying his sister, doing things he’s told not to, and even going on unruly adventures. Oh, and he is bilingual, which seems normal to him, but his friends think it is cool.

Kids age 2-7 will love reading about Bilingual Benny’s misadventures. But even better, they will be learning Spanish along the way. All Bilingual Benny books are written in English and Spanish, in a simple and easy to understand format.


  • Fun bilingual storybooks (English/Spanish)
  • A unique color-coded format, which helps any reader immediately associate and understand words
  • Perfect for reading aloud to your toddler, or as beginning readers for PreK – 3rd-grade students

Bilingual Benny & The Lost Cat

Pages: 32  |  Grade Level: PreK – 3rd  |  Languages: English/Spanish

Bilingual Benny is back…but this time, with his best friends Alex & Christine! Christine has lost her precious cat Fuzztine. Can her friends help her save the lovely-fuzzy pet which she misses dearly?


Bilingual Benny: This Christmas is Different

Pages: 32  |  Grade Level: PreK – 3rd  |  Languages: English/Spanish

Before, Christmas was all about Benny. Gifts, sweets, a full stocking, and a lot of attention from his family. This year it’s different. Benny’s parents take him and his little sis to give gifts to others. How does Benny and Monica feel about not getting any gifts this year?


Benny’s In the Dark

Pages: 32  |  Grade Level: PreK – 3rd  |  Languages: English/Spanish

The normally fearless, adventuresome Benny is afraid of something he can’t see! Find out what makes him jump out of bed, get ready to fight, and what makes him cry for his mommy.


Bilingual Benny & The Danger of Colorful Food

Pages: 32  |  Grade Level: PreK – 3rd  |  Languages: English/Spanish

Benny teaches his little sis all about how DANGEROUS fruits and vegetables can be…what happens if you eat too many bananas? What about too many carrots? A hilarious short story for kids, which is parent-approved and useful.


Bilingual Benny Likes TOO Much

Pages: 32  |  Grade Level: PreK – 3rd  |  Languages: English/Spanish

Benny seems to like too much! Follow along as Benny learns how a lot of good things also have a downside. What happens when he gets fed up with his chores?