Raising a Bilingual Child? Here are 6 Outstanding Blogs to Follow for Teaching Your Child Spanish

Let me take you back, to more than three years ago, whenever my wife and I were in awe with our newborn daughter. One of the most pressing thoughts in my mind as a father was, “How are we going to raise our daughter bilingual?”

Ok, fine, I admit that it was not as pressing as “How exactly do I hold her…should I give her formula…how should she sleep…can she lay like that…?” And other common first-time parent questions. My wife and I had already agreed to raise our daughter bilingual, but we did not really know how to do that. I began with some basic web browsing, and landed on a few sites. From there I began to become a ‘bilingual parent nut’ (which led me to my current profession of writing bilingual children’s books). I want to share with you 5 outstanding blogs which have been with me through this journey, and have given me great concrete advice, theory, understanding, and community.


1.      SpanglishBaby – www.spanglishbaby.com

This website is phenomenal. So much amazing, well-designed, thoughtful content. Consistent updates, a huge community, and two co-founders who really live the bilingual parent life. SpanglishBaby was founded by Ana Flores and Roxana Soto. These two Latin moms have different upbringings and stories, but share the common theme of living this new ‘bi-cultural’ life in the United States. This site is a must visit, and often. Also, these two wonderful women have written “Bilingual is Better” – a book about raising a bilingual child, their stories, and it a strong read.

What You’ll Find Here:

Detailed “Walkthrough” on getting started with teaching your child Spanish

  • A community full of life and other parents in your same situation
  • An outlet for learning more about best practices, education systems, and culture
  • A beautiful, easy to navigate site


2.      Multilingual Living – www.multilingualliving.com

This site was founded by Cory Heller, and American who married into a German family. This led her on the path of learning German herself, in order to teacher her three children. Her story, life path, and viewpoints are very much in line with myself (as I was also non-native, taught myself Spanish, in order to teach my daughter). This site is not just about English/Spanish, but takes in more language situations, such as multilingualism.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • Riveting Articles about Language Teaching and Dealing with this Situation
  • Unique Free Program such as 100 Days of Bilingualism
  • Multilingual advice in teaching your child 3 or more languages
  • Help with several (more obscure) languages

growing_up_bilingual3.      Growing Up Bilingual – www.growingupbilingual.com

Founded by a Guatemalan family who moved to the United States in 2008, Growing up Bilingual is an online diary, resource, and center for like-minded parents. I like that this site takes a look into education, and even learning disabilities. This is one to keep on your radar, and visit from time to time.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • A real life look into a bilingual family’s life – personal and intimate details about the ups and downs
  • Advice on education, and even learning disabilities, autism and the like
  • Products and things to use around the house or with your children

mommy_maestra4.      Mommy Maestra – www.mommymaestra.com

Mommy Maestra is the go-to site for homeschooling (and raising) bilingual children. This blog is well devoted towards activities, learning challenges, crafts, teaching how to read, math, and more. The site has a HUGE amount of content, and will keep your children busy, well, for years.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • Help on how to homeschool your bilingual children
  • Language activities, teaching reading, writing, math
  • Crafts and fun ideas for the weekends or during the summer

spanish_dict 5.      SpanishDict – www.spanishdict.com

I added SpanishDict to this list, not necessarily because it is purely a blog (although it does have an interesting blog), but because it is highly recommended for you to learn Spanish. If you are learning Spanish yourself (along with your children), I recommend going to this site, click on “Learn” (I think you need to create an account), and get started. There are very well done lessons going over everything from Level 1 to Level 4 in Spanish. This site was invaluable (and free) in my quest to master Spanish.

What You’ll Find Here:

  • Learn Spanish modules: video lessons, flashcards, quizzes, and speaking practice
  • A very good English-Spanish dictionary
  • A blog with helpful advice on caveats of learning the Spanish language

6. Mom Loves Best – momlovesbest.com

Mom Loves Best was founded on the principal of mothers helping mothers to build better families. Mom Loves Best boasts the work of Jenny Silverstone along with medical reviewers Michelle Roth and Caitlin Goodwin. Are you doubting yourself and your ability to raise happy, healthy, and well-balanced children? Mom Loves Best gives excellent support with judgment-free and totally relevant advice and information on parenting with topics ranging from playtime, reading, life at home with kids, bilingualism, and more.
 What You’ll Find Here: 
  • Ultimate Guides to all things related to pregnancy and parenting.
  • Tips and research related to raising bilingual children
  • Reliable reviews for products, sites, and services marketed towards babies, kids, and parents.


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