School Assembly – About the Program


“Go After Your Goals” is a dynamic, interactive assembly which leaves students energized and focused on the right things. This 45 minute presentation teaches young children that goal setters are goal getters, regardless of your age. Setting a goal, whether it be to make all A’s, to earn a black belt, or even master a new language, is only the beginning. Real goal champions are those who take certain action steps to achieve their goals. Most young children have not been exposed to the idea of goal setting and how strongly it effects their lives. After this assembly, your students will have a new outlook on their dreams.

What to Expect?

  • Students will quietly file into their seats/places
  • A BookLingual representative will begin by setting the theme of goal setting
  • Various student interactions, volunteers, and message delivery
  • A BookLingual representative will also read some of his books, talking about authorship and writing
  • A question and answer session for students and teacher
  • Students will be sent home with their special book order form

You can Choose an “Emphasis” for Your Assembly

  • Test readiness (for example, STAAR Success)
  • Character Development/Focus/Respect
  • The Power of Reading and Being Bilingual
  • How to Become an Author
  • Bully Awareness
  • or, our Original Theme without any Specific Added Emphasis

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