“Bilingual Readers Make Great Leaders” – School Visit

Presented by a Bilingual School Presenter 

  • An inspiring & (actually fun) program from a presenter who resonates with young children
  • Motivates your students to read more, set actual goals, and expand their minds
  • Perfect for dual language, bilingual classes, or to expose children to a foreign language
  • A 30 min. program per grade level (PreK/K, 1st/2nd/3rd)

Your Questions Answered

What grade level is this presentation designed for?

This presentation is designed for PreK-3rd grades. The concepts and overall performance is designed specifically for this age group. Also, our books are written for these grades levels, making the entire author visit more relevant.

Do you have a one-page overview I can show my principal?

Yes! Get it here: reachgoals small thumbnail Bilingual Readers Make Great Leaders Overview

Is this presentation only for my bilingual students, or for all classes?

For everyone in ages PreK-3rd; regardless of language background. Our presentation is centered around reverberating the message that reading translates into reaching your goals, and this helps to excite children to read more often. Our presentation and books really strike a chord with dual language students, as this is what our company’s mission and values are all about. Non-bilingual students will still have fun learning some Spanish; and discover that they can also learn a new language, and laugh alongside Bilingual Benny’s hilarious antics!

Do you present in both English and Spanish?

Yes. we present in both languages, and accommodate all students in the audience. We will vary the language depending on the group at hand.

How long is the author visit, how should we schedule it?

Each presentation is 30 minutes. This is packed with reading a few books, interactive student involvement, Q & A, and more. At the end of each presentation, we will distribute pre-ordered books. We have a Morning Visit Schedule, and an Afternoon Visit Schedule.

Morning Schedule:

  • All PreK/K Classes: 9:00-9:30 am
  • All 1st/2nd Grade Classes: 9:45 – 10:15 am

Afternoon Schedule:

  • All PreK/K Classes: 12:30-1:00 pm
  • All 3rd Grade Classes: 1:15 – 1:45 pm

We can change the order of the grades, or make small time changes if needed. We can visit two schools in one day, within the same vicinity for our school tours. The presentations can be held in the library if there is enough space, or the cafeteria/auditorium.

Is this assembly only for dual language or bilingual schools?

No. Actually the message and concepts taught are relevant and extremely powerful for all children in grades PreK-3rd. For children who are not bilingual, this is a fun way to be introduced to a foreign language, learn Spanish words, and meet an author. We just happen to have a unique understanding and background with dual language schools. Our entire program and experience is always tailored to fit the school we are visiting.

What benefits will my students get from this assembly?

The assembly is based on the theme of “Bilingual Readers Make Great Leaders.” The presentation is centered around reverberating the message that reading translates into reaching your goals, and this helps to excite children to read more often. Students will also learn the power of becoming bilingual, and realize that reading and writing will take your language abilities to new heights! They will learn how to set a goal, the importance of reading, about learning a new language, and authorship.

How much does it cost?

Booklingual is currently doing low cost author visits; and makes it more affordable by scheduling multiple schools in the same area. We also have the school host a simple one week book sale event, in which we offer the books at a discount to the students, and also donate 10% of all sales right back to the school. Students also get a chance to pre-order books that will be distributed on the day of the visit. Author visit pricing table:

For schools scheduled on a “school tour”: 

$300 appearance fee and $150 travel fee. The travel fee simply covers lodging, airfare, rental car, meals, gas, etc.

A “school tour” is when there are 2 or more schools scheduled in the same area. Our school tours (shown above in the graphic) book quickly, but we can possibly add a few more tours if you can gather enough schools in your district to schedule at once. 

For individually scheduled schools: 

$500 appearance fee and travel expenses. This is for schools who schedule by themselves, and our availability is usually much more flexible.

How does the book sale work? What are the book prices?

The book sale brings much more excitement to the visit, by giving students/parents/teachers an opportunity to purchase our books. We do a meet and greet, and take photos after each presentation to make it a special memory. Here is how to run the book sale and prepare for our visit:

  1. Make copies of the pre-visit flyer (two sided, front English, back Spanish is best); and send home to all students two weeks before the date of our visit.
  2. During the week, the students/teachers will turn in their order form, with cash or check (made out to BookLingual) to you. Or, they will turn in their order form with a credit card receipt from our website (if they paid via credit card).
  3. On the day of our visit, please have a projector hooked up. Also, a microphone and a table at the front. After each presentation, We will personally distribute the books, take photos, meet and greet.
  4. There is also a one week book sale after our visit, as many students/parents/teachers tend to buy books after they have actually seen our presentation. We will have a box of extra books and pre-sorted flyers when I arrive. These will be for the one week sale after our visit. At the end of the week, any leftover books, and the payments are sent back in this box which has a prepaid shipping label on it.

We try to have everything done for you, so there is no stress. The reason we charge a reasonably low appearance fee, is that we can bring in some income from the book sale as well. Even better, students and families will learn a great deal from our books, and improve in their bilingual reading and language skills.

Here is an example of the English side of the pre-visit flyer, and the Spanish side.

Do you visit any school in the country?

Yes! If you can gather 4 schools in your district/area to schedule, we can create a “school tour” and follow that pricing. The travel fee may be a bit higher per school, depending on how much it costs for us to fly out. We will often be flying from Austin, Texas airport to your town. You will just need to cover the airfare, transportation, and hotel stay. We will travel inexpensively, as we don’t want to waste school funds to make us comfortable. Or, you can do an “individual school visit.”

I want to Book a Visit Now! Or, if you have more questions…

You can email us directly at [email protected].


“Michael’s visit fueled the fire of our kiddos’ desire to read and write. Our kiddos enjoyed seeing the books and preview DVD prior to his visit, but actually meeting a real life author made some of our students’ days! Now we have students ready to write their own books. Michael’s visit was powerful and motivating for our students!”

-Karin Jones, Librarian, Sparks Elementary (Pasadena, Texas)

“I met Michael Hodge at the Texas Library Convention and was immediately interested in the bilingual books he authored because there are so few quality beginning readers available for PK-2nd student dual language learners.  I especially loved the color coding of the words and vocabulary extensions at the back of each book.  We set a date for him to visit my students.  The result was great!  The staff, students, and parents loved his presentation and books.  The students are still asking about Benny.  Compared to hosting other authors, I found the entire experience very pleasant.  BookLingual is efficient and well run.  I whole-heartedly recommend the BookLingual books and inviting Michael to present to your school.”

-Carolyn Patton, Librarian, M.G. Ellis Primary (Fort Worth, Texas)

“If you work with young students learning English and Spanish, you will be pleased to host author Michael Hodge for a school visit. His Bilingual Benny books focus on problems young students recognize—like facing a fear of the dark or searching for a lost pet. Michael expertly manages students. He tailors his kid-friendly presentation to each group; I saw him move easily from presenting to a group of a dual language learners to an English-only group. Michael makes hosting a visit easy, providing easy to use promotional materials. And most importantly, his writing provides opportunities for students and their families to explore and build English-Spanish vocabulary. I knew Benny was a hit when students began asking for his books in the library.”

-Suzy Parchman, Librarian, Clayton Elementary (Fort Worth, Texas)

The Facts - combined article

Article about Michael Hodge’s school visits to 6 Brazosport ISD elementary schools. (January 2015)

Newspaper Article about Author Visit to Crowley, Texas (Nov. 2014)

Newspaper Article about Author Visit to Crowley, Texas (Nov. 2014)

Schools We Have Visited

  • Merrifield Elementary – Duncanville, TX
  • Brashear Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Daniel Webster Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Burnet Elementary – El Paso, TX (El Paso ISD)
  • Ascarate Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta)
  • Mission Valley Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta)
  • Nixon Elementary – El Paso, TX (El Paso ISD)
  • Eastwood Knolls Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta)
  • Eastwood Heights Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta)
  • Fannin Elementary – El Paso, TX (El Paso ISD)
  • Presa Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta ISD)
  • Ysleta Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta ISD)
  • Burleson Elementary – El Paso, TX (El Paso ISD)
  • Aoy Elementary – El Paso, TX (El Paso ISD)
  • Kohlberg Elementary – El Paso, TX (El Paso ISD)
  • Cadwallader Elementary – El Paso, TX (Ysleta ISD)
  • Deer Creek Elementary – Crowley, TX (dual)
  • Palm Elementary – Austin, TX
  • Cody Elementary – San Antonio, TX (NISD)
  • East Terrell Hills Elementary – San Antonio, TX (NEISD)
  • Stonewall Flanders Elementary – San Antonio, TX (dual)
  • Carroll Bell Elementary – San Antonio, TX (dual)
  • Hillcrest Elementary – Del Valle, TX
  • Robertson Elementary – Round Rock, TX
  • Copperfield Elementary – Pflugerville, TX
  • M.G. Ellis Elementary – Fort Worth, TX (dual-language)
  • Sagamore Hill Elementary – Fort Worth, TX
  • Blackburn Elementary – Forney, TX (dual-language)
  • Rhea Elementary – Forney, TX (dual-language)
  • Freeman Elementary – Pasadena, TX
  • Fairmeadows Elementary – Duncanville, TX
  • Maplewood Elementary – Austin, TX
  • Del Valle Elementary – Del Valle, TX (dual-language
  • Popham Elementary – Del Valle, TX (dual-language)
  • Larkspur Elementary – San Antonio, TX (dual-language)
  • Esparza Elementary – San Antonio, TX (dual-language)
  • Jackson-Keller Elementary – San Antonio, TX (dual)
  • Forester Elementary – San Antonio, TX (dual-language)
  • Knowlton Elementary – San Antonio, TX
  • Olmos Elementary – San Antonio, TX
  • Carroll Elementary – Corsicana, TX (dual-language)
  • Mason Elementary – Leander, TX (IB school)
  • Boyd Elementary – Allen, TX (dual-language)
  • Ridgetop Elementary – Austin, TX (dual-language)
  • Wills Point Primary – Wills Points, TX
  • Orr Elementary – Tyler, TX (dual-language)
  • Peete Elementary – Tyler, TX (dual-language)
  • Watkins Elementary – Wiley, TX (dual-language)
  • Cox Elementary – Sachse, TX (dual-language)
  • Sam Houston Elementary – Corsicana, TX (dual-language)
  • Rhea Elementary – Forney, TX (dual-language)
  • Dallas Faith Family Academy – Dallas, TX
  • Central Elementary – Seagoville, TX
  • Seagoville Elementary – Seagoville, TX
  • Henry B. Gonzalez – Dallas, TX
  • Martin Elementary – Crandall, TX
  • Barbara Walker Elementary – Heartland, TX
  • Wilson Elementary – Crandall, TX
  • Monday Primary – Kaufman, TX
  • Phillips Elementary – Kafuman, TX
  • Claybon Elementary – Forney, TX
  • Criswell Elementary – Forney, TX
  • Crosby Elementary – Forney, TX
  • Henderson Elementary – Forney, TX
  • Johnson Elementary – Forney, TX
  • Lewis Elementary – Forney, TX
  • Smith Elementary -Forney, TX
  • Hazel Ingram Elementary – Ferris, TX
  • Hyman Elementary – Duncanville, TX
  • Wilson Elementary – Forth Worth, TX
  • Helbing Elementary – Forth Worth, TX
  • Clarke Elementary – Fort Worth, TX (dual)
  • Lily B. Clayton Elementary – Forth Worth, TX (dual)
  • Sanchez Elementary – La Feria, TX
  • Sam Houston Elementary – La Feria, TX
  • Leal Elementary – Mission, TX
  • Bryan Elementary – Mission, TX
  • Cavazos Elementary – Mission, TX
  • Arturo Cantu Elementary – Mission, TX
  • Alton Elementary – Mission, TX
  • O’Grady Elementary – Mission, TX
  • Travis Elementary – Mercedes, TX
  • Mercedes Early Childhood Center – Mercedes, TX
  • Sagamore Hills Elementary – Fort Worth, TX
  • Florence Elementary – Mesquite, TX
  • Rodriguez Elementary – Austin, TX
  • Hawthorne Academy – San Antonio, TX (SAISD)
  • Klein Road Elementary – New Braunfels, TX (dual)
  • Schertz Elementary – Schertz, TX (dual)
  • Price Elementary – San Antonio, TX (SSAISD)
  • Carver Kindergarten – Lockhart, TX (dual)
  • Wooldridge Elementary – Austin, TX
  • Christene Moss Elementary – Fort Worth, TX
  • S.S. Dillow Elementary – Fort Worth, TX
  • Alice Ponder Elementary – Mansfield, TX
  • Stevens Park Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Treasure Forest Elementary – Spring Branch, TX
  • Terrace Elementary – Spring Branch, TX
  • Widen Elementary – Austin, TX
  • Uphaus Early Childhood Center – Austin, TX (dual)
  • Daugherty Elementary – Garland, TX
  • McWhorter Elementary – Mesquite, TX
  • Woodland Acres Elementary – Houston, TX (dual)
  • Richey Elementary – Pasadena, TX
  • Pomeroy Elementary – Pasadena, TX (dual-language)
  • Teague Elementary – Pasadena, TX
  • South Shaver Elementary – Pasadena, TX
  • Sparks Elementary – Pasadena, TX
  • Timberline Elementary – Grapevine, TX (dual-language)
  • Garcia Elementary – Temple, TX (dual-language)
  • Whitestone Elementary – Leander, TX (dual-language)
  • Hart Elementary – Austin, TX (dual-language)
  • Newton Rayzor Elementary – Denton, TX (IB)
  • Lee Elementary – Denton, TX (dual-language)
  • Hodge Elementary – Denton, TX
  • Kleberg Elementary School – Dallas, TX
  • Nancy Moseley Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Richard Lagow Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Gilbert Cuellar Senior Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Rylie Faith Family Academy – Dallas, TX
  • John Q. Adams Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • William Anderson Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • William Blair Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Annie Webb Blanton – Dallas, TX
  • Rufus Burleson Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Frederick Douglass Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • BH Macon Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary School – Dallas, TX
  • John Runyon Elementary – Dallas, TX
  • Shekinah Radiance Academy – Garland, TX
  • Mackey Elementary – Balch Springs, TX
  • Achziger Elementary – Mesquite, TX
  • Gray Elementary – Balch Springs, TX
  • Beasley Elementary – Mesquite, TX
  • B.J. Smith Elementary – Mesquite, TX
  • Jay Thompson Elementary – Mesquite, TX

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