Girl Learning SpanishBookLingual teaches children language through fun picture books:

  • Learn over 400 words and phrases

  • Learn the most important words which make up 25% of the language

  • Specifically designed to combine learning + having fun

  • Read aloud to your child – or have them read to you



How it Works








BookLingual works. Countless studies have shown that exposure to books is more important (and effective) than:

  • TV, Videos
  • Interactive Games and Apps
  • Flash Cards, Songs

Even if you don’t know Spanish, you know how to read. BookLingual books are specially designed to help you coach your child to success (and you will be learning along with them!).


Spanish for Kids Learning Sets


Complete Spanish for Kids Total Learning Set

  • 32 Complete BookLingual eBooks
    • 10 Level 1 Books (Pre-Reading/Basic)
    • 12 Level 2 Books (Beginner Reader)
    • 10 Level 3 Books (Individual Reader)
  • Bilingual Benny 5 Book Set (paperbacks)
  • BookLingual Champion Achievement Program
  • Instant Access to eBooks + backup USB Flashdrive is shipped to you                                                         


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Complete Spanish for Kids eBook Bundle

  • 32 Complete BookLingual eBooks
    • 10 Level 1 Books (Pre-Reading/Basic)
    • 12 Level 2 Books (Beginner Reader)
    • 10 Level 3 Books (Individual Reader)
  • 32 Learning Games & Extras
  • Parent’s Guide
  • Super Quick Guide to Spanish
  • eBooks can be read on any device or computer


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Bilingual Benny 5 Book Set w/ Learning Poster

  • Five Beginner Spanish paperback books
  • Each book has 32 pages
  • A fun bilingual story with games at the end
  • A must have book set for any young Spanish learner


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Success Stories


” The booklingual series are incredibly entertaining to my children. My toddler could not stop trying to pronounce the words and my 1st grader kept wanting to know what would happen next. These books are fantastic for your children to learn while having fun!”
– Michelle, mother of Jeremy & Julian (7 yr, 4 yr)





“… my princess is delighted!  Because she is learning English!!  They are beautiful! They work many little things, and as the child masters each level, they move to the next one! My princess several times looks for the iPad to read! Little princess’s favorite is “Guess who I Am?”  Big princess loved them all! LOL It is a fun way to learn Spanish or English to your reading corner!” –Karen, founder of Mi Escuelita Montessori



” The booklingual digital books really captured my toddler’s attention. He loved the bright illustrations and couldn’t wait to get to the next page.”
-Alex Alvarado, father of 2.5 year old Elias




“These books are absolutely amazing! My 6 year old begs to get on my iPad everyday just to read them. She loves learning the Spanish words and seems to keep improving day by day. These books are a great addition to both kids and parents that are in the process of becoming bilingual”
-Autumn Nelson, mother of 6 year old Hazel




“My kids have really enjoyed reading the BookLingual digital books, they have such a great time, they get into the stories, and they can really relate to them.  They love trying to pronounce all of the Spanish words and it keeps them engaged for hours. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone.”
-Amanda, mother of Addison & Adrey (2 yr, 6 yr)




As a Spanish teacher, I really like these as a teaching tool.  (If I didn’t, I wouldn’t plan to use them with my students!)

  • The pictures are engaging and the stories are fun for kids.  It’s clear that the intent is to entertain as well as teach.  You’d be surprised how many foreign language materials are bland, lack story lines, and are clearly only there to teach specific words.  It’s common sense that kids learn better when they are actually interested in the content.
  • Some of the words with more difficult pronunciations have a “pronunciation guide” right there.  This is certainly helpful for parents that are learning Spanish along with their children.
  • Certain corresponding words are similarly colored in Spanish and English so children can make the connections between the two.  In the past, I have often shied away from bilingual books because many of them confuse students more than teach them.  Most beginning Spanish students assume that word order is the same in both languages and make connections between the first word in each sentence, second word in each sentence, etc.  By having two words with the same meaning highlighted in the same color, student can make the proper word correlations.
  • The books have patterns that help children learn grammar without it being explicitly taught.  For example, I look forward to teaching noun-adjective agreement and word order to my younger elementary students with Come to the Zoo.
  • The books have various ability levels, so your child has the ability to improve throughout the program.

-Mandi, K-8 Spanish Teacher & mother of Lucia


“Jorryn especially likes playing the memory games at the end of each book. I really like that these books offer a practical application and not just vocab words. Jorryn is able to read whole sentences instead of just learning one word at a time. He also got a chuckle out of the stories! I’m looking forward to continuing to use these books.”

-Layne Q., mother of Jorryn (age 7) & Zane (age 3)

How Do I Read BookLingual eBooks?

BookLingual eBooks can be read online in a browser or offline in one of our apps. You can read on a computer or any mobile device.

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