How To Transfer BookLingual Books to iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

If you love reading ebooks on your iPad or iPhone and wondering how you can copy your BookLingual PDF eBooks from your PC to your device, follow these five simple steps:


-Latest iOS version

-iBooks App (one of the top free iOS apps)


Step 1
Run iTunes
Click on File menu
Click on the “Add to Library” option


Step 2
Select your downloaded eBook PDF that you want to copy to your device. You can select several books at a time or the entire folder containing your set of 32 BookLingual eBooks.

Step 3
Under iTunes Library, click on the “Books” option and find your just added BookLingual eBook(s) listed in the file browser window.














Step 4
Now comes the syncing part. Connect your device (iPad, iPod, or iPhone) to your PC. Your iPad or iPhone appears under “Devices” in iTunes. When you select your device, its summary tab will is opened by default. Click on the “Books” tab next.

If you want to copy or sync all the books you added to iTunes, choose the “All Books” radio button option and then click on the Sync button. In case you just need specific books, choose the “Selected Books” option and place checks next to every book you want synced. Finally, click on the Sync button. Your device will now automatically sync your chosen BookLingual eBooks with iTunes.











Step 5
Unplug your device from your PC, run the iBooks app and you can view your copied eBooks. Make sure and select, “Collections” – “PDFs”



The above mentioned steps can be effectively applied to iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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