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Will BookLingual Work If My Child Is Already Bilingual (or learning)?

Children reading BookLingual Spanish learning program

Will BookLingual Work If My Child Is Already Bilingual (or learning)? Yes! BookLingual books are amazing for children who are already bilingual (or are in the process of learning). The books provide an additional level of practice and support in both languages. Also, the books are designed at levels, to help children progress in their reading speed and comprehension.

levels-of-fluency-for-booklingual-leveled-booksTake Your Child’s Spanish to the Next Level

BookLingual is specially designed to take your child’s current understanding of Spanish and build it to the next level. Many children grow up reaching the 1st or 2nd level of fluency – but they are missing out on the full bilingual edge. BookLingual takes your child to the next level and adds in the literacy component, which will help to set your child apart.

Trusted by 100+ Dual-Language Schools

We work with hundreds of dual-language (bilingual) teachers and school districts. We have received a wonderful response from dual-language educators (and the parents of dual-language) students. Our books are designed for these students who are working in two languages, and that need additional reading practice and support.

Common Questions Asked by Bilingual Parents

My child is raised bilingual, why should I even use BookLingual?

BookLingual is designed to teach a child to learn to read in a secondary language. Even before reading age; reading aloud BookLingual books will enhance your child’s immersion in both languages. Books are a solid foundation for all types of learning, and encouraging the act of reading will pay large dividends in the future. As a native speaker yourself, you will be able to use our books as an extra teaching tool, which will create countless learning opportunities, and embed both languages into your child’s life.

My spouse speaks the 2nd language, but I don’t – what should I do?

If your spouse has time to read these books with your child; this will be very beneficial. But, you can still support your child’s language efforts by reading along with your child. Going through the BookLingual program is a wonderful opportunity to begin learning your 2nd language, or at least help take your current understanding to the next level.

What age is BookLingual designed for?

BookLingual is truly designed for ages 0-10 – based on the illustrations, characters, reading level, and other concepts. But, the reading level is perfect for beginning readers: ages 5-7. If your child is preschool age, the program will still do wonders; but you will want to read the books aloud during storytime. For children ages 8-10 that are learning a language for the first time; the books will help them to easily grasp the language; without any confusion or trouble.

My child is age 0-4 and cannot read yet, is BookLingual for me?

Absolutely! At this age, your child is MOST primed for learning a language. Your child can easily master 2 or 3 languages with the proper immersion. You will want to read BookLingual books aloud during storytime; correlate words to images, and be your child’s reading/language coach. Just have fun with the books – and even if you don’t know the 2nd language, do your best with our included pronunciation guides.

My child can read on his own, should I just let him read alone?

In most cases, we recommend reading with your child. This can mean that you are sitting next to your child, and they are reading aloud to you. This will create a supportive environment where you can emphasize and back up your child’s progress. If your child is age 10+, it may be helpful to let them read alone (at least some times), for them to feel confident and independent. (and to not have mom “bugging me”)

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