Learn Why BookLingual is the World’s Leading
Book-Based Language Program for Kids

A Simple, Easy-to-Learn-From Format

Our books are specially designed, based on scientific research on how children learn language; and how children learn to read. We split our books into levels, based on a child’s reading ability and language understanding.

Words are specially colored and associated with the illustrations from a book; as children learn new vocabulary. This is more effective than simply reviewing flash cards, which tends to become boring for children. Every book follows special patterns, in a way to disguise grammatical and vocabulary introductions. Your child’s brain does the rest, and unleashed their full language potential.

Based on Tried & True Research

Our BookLingual: Complete Spanish for Kids program integrates the most important Spanish language concepts. The 60 most important “sight words” are interlaced within the books; these sight words make up more than 25% of written Spanish text. The most-used vocabulary words, phrases, and grammatical situations are ingeniously ingrained into the books. Your child does not have to worry, they will just love reading the fun stories!

Reading is the Foundation for Learning

Want to know the top ways for children to learn anything? Studies have shown that children learn best with an actual teacher. The second best way for kids to learn? Books. And not interactive books or computer games; but good ole fashioned books (even in the eBook form). The static text and image force a child to create cognitive resemblance, memorization, and develop real skill. BookLingual harnesses the power of reading to develop language attainment in a natural way. Gaining strong reading skills (and a desire to read) will help propel your child a lifetime journey of constant improvement and achievement.

An Important Piece of the Puzzle

The truth is, fluency in a second language does not come from just one product. Many parents believe just buying one program, one DVD set, one book, or one language learning software will help them (or their child) become bilingual. The truth is, reaching fluency is about total immersion and a supportive environment. BookLingual is one very important piece of the puzzle – a piece which adds literacy, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar understanding. When combined with a tutor, language classes, actual speaking, DVDs, and other input – BookLingual will help take your child to the next level of bilingualism (or multilingualism).

Kids Have Fun Reading BookLingual Books!!

FACT: Kids put in the most effort when they are having fun. Instead of approaching BookLingual like it is homework, or a study session; our books are designed to be read like any other. Our stories, characters, universes, and illustrations are so funny, surprising, entertaining, and sometimes just unexpected. For kids, our books are not about “having to learn a language” or “studying”; but just enjoying themselves, and gaining a love for reading.

Who are BookLingual Books Best For?

Below are real children who read and learn with BookLingual. Our books are specially designed for ages 2-8.

Audrey, age 4

Audrey’s parents do not have any background in Spanish. For Audrey, Spanish is a completely new experience. Her mom, Amanda, uses BookLingual books at bedtime as a way to introduce her to a new language.

Hazel, age 6

Hazel’s mom is an English speaker and her dad is of Latin descent. Autumn, her mom, likes how BookLingual books give Hazel extra support, along with the Spanish classes she is already taking at school.

Elias, age 2.5

Elias’ dad is of Latin descent, and knows some Spanish; while his mom is monolingual (English only). Alex, his dad loves to use BookLingual books as a way to teach his son Spanish words; and finds that they have helped add to his vocabulary in both languages. The books are used at bedtime and for fun.

Julian, age 6

Julian’s mom, Michelle, is fully bilingual in English & Spanish. She has her son Julian read BookLingual books as a way to improve his reading abilities in both languages; as well as increase his immersion in the Spanish language.

“The booklingual digital books really captured my toddler’s attention. He loved the bright illustrations and couldn’t wait to get to the next page.”

-Alex Alvarado, father of 2.5 year old Elias

“These books are absolutely amazing! My 6 year old begs to get on my smart tablet everyday just to read them. She loves learning the Spanish words and seems to keep improving day by day. These books are a great addition to both kids and parents that are in the process of becoming bilingual”

-Autumn Nelson, mother of 6 year old Hazel

Watch Some Videos of Kids Reading BookLingual Books