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Ready to Kick-Start Your Child’s Spanish Mastery?

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32 Complete BookLingual eBooks

(Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3)

Games + Learning Activities

(Included in Every Book)

 Parent’s Guide & Coaching Help

(Easy to Follow Guides to Coach your Child)


The BookLingual ebooks have definitely been helpful on our quest to learn Spanish.  I’m thrilled to have a silent, non-animated learning tool as it really encourages them to focus on what they’re seeing and absorb it better.” -Melanie Scout, founder of


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Why Purchase the Complete Set?

sadwhite_checkmark_100To Avoid the #1 Mistake Most Parent’s Make when Teaching their Child Spanish.

To reach fluency, immersion is necessary. Many parents rely on just one program, one tutor, or one language course. By having more tools and resources, your child’s rate of success will skyrocket. Most parents also disregard the importance of learning to read, and engaging with Spanish language books. BookLingual allows your child to learn at a deep level, by creating connections between words, pictures, spellings, and meanings.





andrew_reading_alone_350white_checkmark_100 BookLingual will Engage your Child through Reading Books. (not TV or video games)

As parents ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be when your child constantly stares at the TV or plays video games. The great thing about BookLingual is that your child will actually be reading books (even if they are digital). This subtly creates engagement with books, which helps to create an accelerated reader. [plus our books are fun!]



software box imagewhite_checkmark_100 You’ll get a Complete, Total Research-Backed Curriculum.

This a complete language learning course. The danger of buying one book here, one workbook, etc. – is that you do not have a complete guide and plan to follow. Our complete set takes your child through the basics of Spanish, simple vocabulary – to more advanced conversational uses. We make it easy to follow with our Level 1, 2, and 3 sections and parent’s guides.





teach_kids_spanish_amanda_audreywhite_checkmark_100 Because you will do Whatever it Takes for Your Child to Master Spanish.

We have taken a lot of time to learn what our “typical BookLingual parent” is like. First, they are not “typical” or “average” by any means. Second, we find that the parents who purchase our program are very motivated and dedicated to helping their child become fluent. They buy the course because they are looking for anything and everything which will get their child one step closer to fully bilingual.

Or, get started with our Basic Set:

BookLingual Spanish for Kids Basic.


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10 Complete BookLingual eBooks

(Level 1 Books)

Games + Learning Activities

(Included in Every Book)

Parent’s Guide & Coaching Help

(Easy to Follow Guides to Coach your Child)


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