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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of our most common questions about BookLingual

My child is raised bilingual, why should I even use BookLingual?

BookLingual is designed to teach a child to learn to read in a secondary language. Even before reading age; reading aloud BookLingual books will enhance your child’s immersion in both languages. Books are a solid foundation for all types of learning, and encouraging the act of reading will pay large dividends in the future. As a native speaker yourself, you will be able to use our books as an extra teaching tool, which will create countless learning opportunities, and embed both languages into your child’s life.

My spouse speaks the 2nd language, but I don’t – what should I do?

If your spouse has time to read these books with your child; this will be very beneficial. But, you can still support your child’s language efforts by reading along with your child. Going through the BookLingual program is a wonderful opportunity to begin learning your own 2nd language, or at least helping take your current understanding to the next level.

What age is BookLingual designed for?

BookLingual is truly designed for ages 0-10 based on the illustrations, characters, reading level, and other concepts. But, the reading level is perfect for beginning readers: ages 4-7. If your child is preschool age, the program will still do wonders; but you will want to read the books aloud during story time. For children ages 8-10 that are learning a language for the first time; the books will help them to easily grasp the language; without any confusion or trouble.

My child is age 0-4 and cannot read yet, is BookLingual for me?

Absolutely! At this age, your child is MOST primed for learning a language. Your child can easily master 2 or 3 languages with the proper immersion. You will want to read BookLingual books aloud during storytime; correlate words to images, and be your child’s reading/language coach. Just have fun with the books – and even if you don’t know the 2nd language, do your best with our included pronunciation guides.

My child can read on his own, should I just let him read alone?

In most cases, we recommend reading with your child. This can mean that you are sitting next to your child, and they are reading aloud to you. This will create a supportive environment where you can emphasize and back-up your child’s progress. If your child is age 10+, it may be helpful to let them read alone (at least some times), for them to feel confident and independent.

Will BookLingual help adults learn the language too?

A big YES! Actually, since adults are well-primed and conditioned to LEARN BY READING – they can learn via BookLingual at a rapid pace. Of course, the books and stories were “written for kids”, with fun characters, simple scenarios, and relevant circumstances. But, since these books are written at a basic level, along with word association, and image matching – you will be well on your way to making progress! We have received A LOT of comments from parents who purchased the program for their child, but ended up reading the books on their own to learn.

Can I teach my child a 2nd Language, even if I don’t know it?

Yes, you can, and you should! BookLingual was designed with new learners in mind. The books are written in a simple pattern style, in which you will be able to immediately recognize which word means what (without a dictionary!). The read-aloud audios allow you to hear the words pronounced correctly. Also, keywords are bolded; and given a pronunciation bracket in English. We also include a “Super-Quick Guide” to the language; to get acclimated with the concepts. As long as you support your child’s language learning environment; your child can become a true bilingual.

Who was BookLingual developed by? How can I even trust this method?

BookLingual was developed by a group of highly focused teachers, linguistic researchers, children specialists, illustrators, parents, and children too! Our team varies from principals, early education teachers, elementary school public speakers, to bilingual teachers, to cartoonists, to linguistic experts, as well as real parents of bilingual (and multilingual children). The BookLingual Method has been developed over several years, tested in elementary (and dual-language immersion schools), and with real children in dozens of countries. Our program delivers results and fun! If you don’t believe us; make sure and sample some of our books, and give your child the bilingual edge!

Do you have a Money-Back Guarantee?

We believe in our products, and we back it up. If you are not completely satisfied, your child does not learn anything, or your child just does not enjoy the books – we will give you a full refund. We offer this as a 30-day guarantee after the purchase has been made. Don’t worry about wasting your money; if you are not happy – we are going to take care of it immediately! We don’t think it is right to keep your hard-earned money for something you aren’t going to use.

Can I buy BookLingual books individually, or do I have to buy the full program?

No! We do not offer individual book purchases. We highly recommend buying the full program. This is all-inclusive of all vocabulary, grammar, and language learning concepts. All levels and progressive books will be included; along with the Parent’s Guide and Super-Quick Guide to the Language. We offer a Preview Book for free, so you can get an idea of what the program will be like.

Will there be more books released?

Yes! We are currently producing more books for these levels (Level 1-3); as well as for Levels 4 & 5. This will add more depth and variety to your language efforts; as well as take your child to the next level if they are ready. Also, we are currently producing our program in more languages, so stay tuned in through our Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, if you have any suggestions, please contact us about them!

I am a teacher, do you have any special programs for me?

Yes! BookLingual was designed to coexist and complement your current academic requirements and environment. Please contact us at [email protected] for special school programs.

Where can I get support for my purchase?

We answer support related questions on our Support page. Also, you can Contact Us and you will get a very speedy response!

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