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Not too long ago, when our daughter had just turned 2, she would only speak in English. This was a problem – as my wife is a native Spanish speaker, and we had decided on raising her to be bilingual. We just figured – we both speak Spanish, her maternal grandparents speak Spanish – of course, she will be bilingual. We quickly found out that it does not work that way. It doesn’t just “happen” – the truth is, she was not getting real immersion; she was surrounded by English input, and we accepted her replying back to us in English. We were determined to give our child the gift of complete fluency; not just “hoping that she picked it up.” We set ourselves on a path of discovery, research, testing, and everything in between. Not only did we learn a great deal about raising a bilingual child, but we learned that an important piece of the puzzle was missing.

About Us

Books! We have always known that books make a dramatic difference in a child’s academic and total-life success. We looked for a way to integrate books into my daughter’s bilingual plan, but could not find a book program that also helped me to teach her (at the time I was still in the stages of mastering Spanish). As a lifelong writer and children’s educator, I wanted to create something – not just for my daughter, but for all children who have the potential to become bilingual (or multilingual) and achieve greatness in their lives.

With a purposeful mission dear to my heart; We gathered a team of experts, friends, and educators. BookLingual was created to fill a void in most parents’ bilingual action plans (if they even have one). Many parents just buy a software program, a couple of books, get some animated DVDs, hire a tutor, and hope their children will become fluent. The truth is, these parents have the best intentions in the world; but are missing the element of reading, and books. BookLingual is based on scientific approaches; concepts proved to ingrain, immerse, and improve on not just language acquisition; but reading comprehension. The (not-so-big) secret is that books are the most powerful tool for learning anything – along with a real-life teacher. BookLingual was born with the concept that any parent can help their child learn a language – whether they already know it, or not.

Wishing your family wonderful success,

Michael Hodge


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