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Toddler Spanish Dual-Language Storybooks!

Learn why BookLingual’s toddler Spanish dual-language storybooks will help your Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Grade Schoolers learn easy Spanish online and at home TODAY!

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Take Your Child’s Spanish to the Next Level

Enrich Children with Our Brilliant Dual-Language Toddler Spanish Storybooks

BookLingual’s mission is simple, to create the world’s best, most successful, innovative Spanish books for children. Early childhood education has guided our bilingual Spanish learning program. Our focus began with catering to bilingual elementary students, dual-language immersion students, ESL students, and children learning Spanish as a foreign language. We do not write monolingual books, and we do not take previous books written in English and merely translate them.

A Simple, Easy-to-Learn-From Format

Our toddler Spanish dual-language storybooks utilize scientific research to create a simple, easy-to-learn format. Research gave us an understanding of how children learn a second language; and how children learn to read. Our books are split into levels, based on a child’s reading ability and language understanding. We made our books color-coded along with associated illustrations for simple image association; as children learn new vocabulary. Every book follows special patterns, in a way to disguise grammatical and vocabulary introductions. Your child’s brain does the rest and unleashes their full language potential. Factually, learning is as simple as reading a comforting book.

Take Your Child’s Spanish to the Next Level

BookLingual’s dual-language Spanish books for toddlers will increase fluency. Our kids’ Spanish learning programs will take your child’s Spanish understanding to the next level. Many children grow up reaching the 1st or 2nd level of fluency, unfortunately, missing out on the full bilingual edge. BookLingual takes your child to the next level and adds in the literacy component, which will help to set your child apart.

Brilliant Bilingual Books for Dual-Language Students

Based on Tried & True Research

Excitingly, BookLingual’s toddler dual-language Spanish learning program will help your child succeed. For rapid learning, we integrated significant Spanish language learning concepts. Included in our books are 60 highly important sight words and 25% of the pivotal portions of the Spanish language. To ensure learning, we ingrained the most-used vocabulary words, phrases, and grammatical situations. There is no need to stress about science, as we carefully and scientifically built our program for achievement. Your kids will love reading the fun stories. This program will provide language achievement and an opportunity to give your child the bilingual edge.

Reading is the Foundation for Learning

Studies have shown that children learn best with an actual teacher. Alternatively, what is the second-best way for kids to learn? You guessed it, BOOKS! Print books are ideal, and eBooks are an excellent alternative. The static text and image force a child to create cognitive resemblance, memorization, and develop real skills. BookLingual harnesses the power of reading to develop language attainment naturally. Gaining strong reading skills (and a desire to read) will help propel your child on a lifetime journey of constant improvement and achievement.

An Important Piece of the Puzzle

The truth is, that children’s Spanish learning success and fluency in a second language do not come from just one aspect of learning. Many parents believe just buying one program, one DVD set, one book, or one language learning software will make them (or their child) become bilingual. The truth is, that reaching fluency is about total immersion and a supportive environment. BookLingual’s bilingual kid’s books are one very important piece of the puzzle – a piece that adds literacy, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar understanding. Combine BookLingual with a bilingual (multilingual) action plan to take your child to the next level.

How Will BookLingual Toddler Spanish Dual-Language Storybooks Help My Child??

BookLingual kids’ Spanish dual-language storybooks teach language and reading comprehension through fun, entertaining books. Kids will love the different books and look forward to reading them. Our program is not an adult-intensive language program or textbook. Importantly, the program will not be a chore to read or boring homework. Children will learn naturally, through reading. Our books are for rapid learning, and a wide variety of concepts.

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Highly Recommended

My kids have really enjoyed reading the BookLingual digital books, they have such a great time, they get into the stories, and they can really relate to them. They love trying to pronounce all of the Spanish words and it keeps them engaged for hours. I would definitely recommend these books to anyone.”


Mother of Audrey & Addison (6 yr, 2 yr)

Captured Their Attention

The booklingual digital books really captured my toddler’s attention. He loved the bright illustrations and couldn’t wait to get to the next page.”


Father of 2.5 year old Elias

Incredibly Entertaining

The booklingual series are incredibly entertaining to my children. My toddler could not stop trying to pronounce the words and my 1st grader kept wanting to know what would happen next. These books are fantastic for your children to learn while having fun!”


Mother of Jeremy & Julian (7 yr, 4 yr)