Why Bilingual is Better

There is a plethora of research and information on why giving your child the gift of a 2nd or 3rd language is more beneficial than just sticking to English. Let’s go over some of the facts and reasons why.

brain1. Bilingual Children have a More ‘Flexible’ Brain.

Due to learning how to process, file, choose, select, translate, and decode two languages at any given moment – bilinguals have a special brain circumstance. By ‘grooming’ their brain for dual language linguistic scenarios, they are set up for success in critical thinking, problem solving, learning to read and write, as well as other functions.




flags2. The Ability to Understand 2 Cultures

Due to knowing two languages, bilingual children have a strong insight and understanding on more than their own culture. This brings benefits such as: understanding, compassion, leadership, humility, and being better prepared to help others.








globe3. The Ability to SPEAK to so Many More People (for Traveling and Work)

By learning Spanish (for example), your child can now talk to another 500 million people! Your child can visit just about anywhere in North America and South America and feel comfortable getting around. Of course, knowing a 2nd language opens up more work opportunities and creates a more valuable employee to an organization. (or a more valuable entrepreneur to the world, by being able to understand how-to create value for various cultures)






bilingual_child4. Bilingualism Creates CONFIDENCE in Children

By understanding more languages, bilingual children tend to be more confident in speaking and social situations. Many bilinguals are surrounded by monolingual children, which gives the bilingual a secret confidence, in which they feel proud to have a gift that others around them do not.





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